2 min readJun 17, 2022
The application that gives you back full control over your digital information.


What is myDid ?

For the end user, it is first of all a mobile application where you can manage one or several digital identities with which you can collect badges* and credentials, in a form easy to use and verify. Therefore, this application is a digital identity wallet and because this ID is linked to a smart contract on a public blockchain, it is specifically called a decentralized identity or sovereign identity*.

More broadly, myDid is also the name of our Swiss company that develops solutions for professionals that want to adopt these new technologies around decentralized identity.

What is myDid for?

In concrete terms, myDid mobile application is used to create a decentralized digital identity for the user and to receive and store personal information locally on the user’s phone in the form of Verifiable Credentials and Badges (Open Badges). Users can use their information to easily interact with web services to sign in, register, sign documents, etc.

This app gives you better control over your digital identity(ies).

Where can myDid be used?

In theory, myDid application is compatible with services using the same standards (DID and Open Badge). The app has just been released (June 2022) and we are in touch with companies interested in supporting these new technologies. In the meantime, you can check out the app on our demo website to test registration and authentication and you can also check out the demo Discord server to understand how authentication/sign-in can be integrated on third-party apps.

What is the advantage of myDid app?

Our myDid app is one of the few applications where you can manage the creation of a decentralized digital identity and the use of Verifiable Credentials and Open badges.

It is truly a decentralized solution (your verifiable personal information is stored locally). You can consciously choose to share your information with compatible services, in a secure manner, while keeping a history of all your consents.

By using a mobile application, you keep your identity(ies) and verifiable information on yourself.

The use of myDid app remains simple, the app communicates with the various compatible services just by using simple links you can click on or by using your phone’s camera in order to scan QR codes.

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