Improvements implemented (following community feedback)

6 min readJan 25, 2024


The main goal of this article is to showcase some of the improvements and adjustments we have made in response to community feedback following the release of the new versions of the myDid mobile application and the Community Studio.

Community Feedback

We would like to express our deep gratitude for all the feedback and suggestions following the launch of our new solutions. We aim to provide a detailed report on the progress made over the last month. This will include planned modifications and improvements for the application and the Community Studio, directly inspired by the feedback received.

The majority of the feedback we have received regarding the new interface of the application and the Community Studio has been extremely positive. However, our goal is to make the user interface even more intuitive and easy to use.

Display of all badges with filters

A significant improvement has been made to the Wallet interface, particularly with the introduction of a more efficient filtering system for displaying badges. To facilitate understanding and use of our solutions, we have enhanced various pages of the application with explanatory text. This approach aims to provide the best possible support to our users and to enhance the ergonomics of our application.

Better introduction to different badges

The user experience from the first contact with the application is crucial. To make it as simple and intuitive as possible, we have introduced a welcome and home page.

This not only facilitates adoption but also the understanding of our solutions, including the reception of a first certified badge in your Wallet.

New nomenclature

Considerable effort has been dedicated to clarifying the language used in the application to facilitate understanding and distinguish between different types of badges.

To avoid confusion, the “Membership Card” has been renamed to “Community Card,” thereby clarifying its role in creating a community.

During the testing phase, many users expressed confusion about the use and naming of the “Community Badge,” especially regarding its exchange via Nostr support. This badge is intended to be exchanged in a peer-to-peer manner between two individuals in contact, wishing to exchange badges. Consequently, we have decided to rename it to “Peer to Peer Badge” to more accurately reflect its purpose.

Anonymous data sharing

In the next version of the application, a notification will be added to request permission to collect certain data. These data are used solely to analyze user actions within our solutions and improve our services (number of users, volume of activities, etc.).

  • Users have the choice to opt out of sharing this information.
  • It is possible to enable or disable this anonymous data sharing in the settings.

Design and Visuals

We are committed to enhancing the user experience of our mobile application by continuously expanding our library of visuals. We plan to offer a wider range of designs for badges and community cards, thus providing more customizable options for creating your own communities.

Furthermore, we are excited about the idea of launching periodic “collections” of badges. These thematic collections will add a playful dimension to the creation of badges and community cards, thereby enriching the overall experience of our users.


We aspire to enhance interaction with our mobile application in response to feedback on the use of the Community Studio. Many have pointed out that its access was limited exclusively to a desktop computer, thus forcing our users to juggle between two different platforms.

In the coming months, we are committed to actively working on this challenge to integrate more features of the Community Studio directly from your smartphone. This development aims to provide a smoother and more integrated experience.


The next version of the myDid app and the Community Studio will be available in English and French. A single translation file is now in place to facilitate future modifications and the support of new translations.

Support and Documentation

In our ongoing effort to make our service accessible to a wider audience, we are pleased to announce that a French version of our documentation will be added soon. This new version will be available shortly, providing our French-speaking users with a better understanding and use of our solutions.

Ongoing discontinuation of Wallet Connect for the studio

Feedback has confirmed instability issues with the synchronization between the app and the Community Studio during badge creation and distribution: we’ve identified that these issues were linked to our use of Wallet Connect sessions.

To offer a more robust and lasting solution, we will be using a connection via Nostr. This method aims to effectively and permanently resolve these synchronization issues and will not change user habits, as the use of this protocol will be transparent. It will still involve scanning a simple QR Code to connect.

The next version will not yet include this improvement. It will take us a few more days to integrate it into the following release, which will be available shortly: this is indeed our next priority!

Future developments and communication

In addition to requests for corrections and clarifications, we have received many suggestions for the addition of original features. We will address these topics in a future article that will provide an update on our future priorities and roadmap. Further articles of this nature will follow to share the latest progress of our software developments.


We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our entire community for their active participation in the testing phase of our new versions. This commitment has enabled us to make rapid progress in correcting and improving our mobile application and the Community Studio.

As a token of our gratitude, an exclusive badge has been awarded to everyone who followed the procedure for sending reports via our Discord server.


But let’s remember, this is just the beginning. Our commitment to ongoing innovation remains strong: we are dedicated to continuously evolving our products and enriching them with new features. We encourage you to keep sharing your valuable feedback in the dedicated channel on Discord or via our support email at

We will continue to keep you informed about upcoming updates and progress in the development of our project.


The myDid Team